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We have closed our retail outlet.
Internet sales on our web site
Mail Order Tel 01843-851819.
Phone and book collection WE ARE STILL BASED IN RAMSGATE

TEN-RING Are constantly updating this Site so Please call back on a regular basis.
We stock a huge range of archery equipment from field to target archery. Our on-line shop contains products from the latest high tech compounds and recurves. to our own traditional hand made English Longbows.

The shop also stocks thousands of archery accessories ranging from Beginners Kits, Arrow Rests, Sights for Recurve and Compound Bows, Tabs, Arrows, Arrow making equipment, Fletchings, Points, P.O.C & Pine Shafts, Tackle Cases Lockers & Bags, Books, to hand carved leather work. ( See our leatherwork section for Hand made quivers, belts, score pads, bracers etc.) Bosses Straw and Layered foam all sizes. Plus much much more. Telephone 01843-851819
Please email any enquiries


We are stil lBased in Ramsgate

We have made our Longbows with more choice and Better Prices

New Products

Striker Eco Limbs

Striker Eco Limbs


Striker Eco limbs
Length 66"
Weight 32 lb
Value for money
SALE PRICE Price £49.00 WAS £72.00
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Striker CARBON Limbs

Striker CARBON Limbs


Striker Carbon Limbs.
Length 66"
Weight 20 lb
A good price for carbon limbs
!SALE PRICE £95.00 was £160.00
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Hoyt Excel Limbs

Hoyt Excel Limbs


Hoyt Excel Limbs
Made from Rock Maple and Glass they give you a smooh draw.
International fitting.
The Stratix designed with the new archers in mind to give them a good entry level limb
Size Short 66"-28lb Sale PRICE £105.00 was £139.00
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