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Welcome To Our Site

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We stock a huge range of archery equipment from field to target archery. Our on-line shop contains products from the latest high tech compounds and recurves. to our own traditional hand made English Longbows.

The shop also stocks thousands of archery accessories ranging from Beginners Kits, Arrow Rests, Sights for Recurve and Compound Bows, Tabs, Arrows, Arrow making equipment, Fletchings, Points, P.O.C & Pine Shafts, Tackle Cases Lockers & Bags, Books, to hand carved leather work. ( See our leatherwork section for Hand made quivers, belts, score pads, bracers etc.) Bosses Straw and Layered foam all sizes. Plus much much more. Telephone 01843-851819
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New Products

S/F Velocity Carbon Riser

S/F Velocity Carbon Riser


During the January 2015 European Indoor Archery Tournament at Nimes, France, SF Archery unveiled their brand new Velocity series risers and limbs.

Introducing SF's entry into premium quality archery with the Velocity, the flagship riser for Sebastien Flute or SF Archery, manufactured by Win & Win Archery.

This riser has been designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations and to optimise stability during the shot.

SF Archery takes a large stride forward in carbon technology with the Velocity riser.

An attractive style and finish normally only seen on higher priced carbon risers.

Full carbon, light and strong, the Velocity is built with a double carbon layer in order to satisfy archers who are looking for stability without compromise.

The SF Velocity 25 inch riser is an advanced carbon design which exudes accuracy and strength and meets extremely high specifications.

The Velocity riser, with its clever load distribution, allows archers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance. The rigidity and weight of this riser will astound you as it is well beyond expectations. An attractive style and finish normally only seen on higher priced risers.

You will be impressed with the Velocity. It is available in a range of six eye catching colours.

SF Archery Velocity recurve riser is a precision built handle with quality you expect and includes a precision CNC machined magnetic arrow rest and a quality cushion plunger. It comes in a 25 inch riser for adults but is still light enough for ladies and youth.

WE HAVE THE BLACK IN STOCK RIGHT HAND other Colours special order

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Just like a big buck adapts to his conditions, the Hoyt Ignite adapts to you. Ignite lets you stretch your bowhunting budget without compromising on performance and durability. With ultimate draw length and draw weight adjustment and proven Hoyt technologies, this is Hoyt’s most versatile bow yet.

Limbs ZR125.
Cam Ignite.
Draw length 19 to 30 inches.
F.P.S 300.
Brace Height 8 inch.
Mass Weight 3.6 lb.
Axel to Axel 28 inches.
Draw Weight Range 15 to 70 lb.
Colour Blue.
Right Hand


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2015 Hoyt CHARGER

2015 Hoyt CHARGER


Charged up for 2015, Hoyt’s lightweight, high-performance, un-matched Charger gives you all the technological advantages you need without breaking the bank. With performance powered by our Charger cam and tons of exclusive Hoyt technologies, Charger gives you everything you need to succeed.

Limbs ZRX
Cam Charger 2.
Brace height 6-3/4 inch.
Draw length 28-30 inches.
F.P.S 325 fps.
Mass weight 3.8 lb.
Axel to Axel 31 inch
Colour Blackout.
Right hand
Draw weight 40-50 lb

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